I'm Marco and I'm a DevOps engineer and a recovering frontend software developer. In this infrequently-updated website I keep a small blog and links to things I've found interesting over the years.

Home on the web

You can find me in the following places on the web:

About this site

This site is built using a static site generator called Eleventy, and then served on the JAMstack for free by Netlify. It is delivered over HTTPS thanks to a free certificate from Let's Encrypt.

The source code is hosted on GitHub and currently going over some cleaning while I remove/change/tweak the original theme's features to my liking.

Credits and licensing

This website is heavily based on hawksworx by Phil Hawksworth. I loved the theme when I came over it at JAMstack Themes and it was also a good excuse to figure out how Eleventy works.

The flag images are sourced as SVGs from flag-icon-css, generously created and maintained by Lipis.

The link icon used in the blog, courtesy of Peter Carleton from the Noun Project