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How (not) to clone a linux installation

Recently I decided to move my second Linux Mint environment to another disk. One tiny detail left me stranded in GRUB console.

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September 3rd 2022

This is a surprisingly down to Earth position from Amazon, a company mostly known for having such high turnover rate they were recently concerned they had nobody else to hire. Although, from this perspective, this approach seems not only employee-friendly but obvious. Curious to see how this stacks up against draconian policies e.g. Apple.


Amazon's Work From Home Policy Satisfies Employees and Employers Should Take Note

As fears rise that employers will require employees to return to the office, Amazon has the answer.

October 4th 2021

Oh my, who never thought of this failure mode is having an extremely bad day


@0xabad1dea apparently they withdrew their BGP route advertisements and they can't shell in because they can't route to the network and they can't get into the building because their doorknobs are synced to the corporate LDAP